What happens on holidays? – part 2

To understand restorative power of holidays I have decided to analyze my activities undertaken during that period.

I was enjoying the peace and quiet:

empty boats at the jetty on the summer morning

*Notice the retro chair wired to the boat :).

view of the jetty and lake through rushes

Delighting in the nature at it’s most kitsch:

pink sunset reflected in the lake

Stalking creatures of the night:

white moth and it's reflection in the glass

And day:

peacock butterfly on a thistle plant

Being stalked by a wagtail:

remanants of the jetty

*Wagtail is sitting on the last post on the left. After certain amount of stalking was observed I have decided to check what was the reason.  From the boat I have discovered the nest in the third post on the left – hollow from the lakeside. I didn’t want to scare parents away so we rowed away quickly and the wagtails continued their stalking.

Talking to snakes:

grass snake coiled around girl's arm

*There was a multitude of grass snakes around and we got to observe them on land and in the water which was fascinating. My awesome sister is a true snake whisperer:).

Being lazy:

hammock by the lake

All and all just perfect.





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