Spot of bother

I was in the middle of Skype conversation this afternoon when something crashed against my balcony door.  A lot of commotion followed and I saw a frantic fledgling blackbird attempting to fly through the glass door. The parents were trying to feed it but the little one kept crashing into the door. I was aware that it is easy to cause harm while trying to help and had no idea of what the proper protocol was. When I googled it I got to this amazing website which listed people who volunteered their knowledge and experience to help in situations like this all across the country. I have phoned one of the numbers listed as bird advice and got through to somebody who very calmly instructed me how to help the creature. It was so nice to talk to somebody who knew what they were talking about and was able to advise. I was quite stressed at that stage fearing for the little birds safety as it kept crashing against the door.

Let me tell you one thing, it is not easy to catch the blackbird no matter how young. By the time I got it neatly wrapped up in an old t-shirt we were both exhausted. It was quite exhilarating to hold this tiny wild creature though. I just love blackbirds. There is such an abundance of them where I live and often enough the racket they make is what sends me to sleep and what wakes me up. When you observe them early in the morning and at twilight they seem to be holding conversations or possibly singing contests but it is clear they are communicating. My little blackbird must have been terrified as it froze while I was handling it. When I let it loose in a green area nearby it acted as if it woke up, stretched briefly and run off. Couple of minutes later I heard it crying and an adult blackbird responding. Hopefully that means its parents are going to keep it fed until it is able to fly. It is so great that there are people out there who volunteer their time to help in situations like this, they deserve a round of applause Clap .

blackbird fledgling

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