Why fix rather than throw away

I am passionate about recycling/upcycling/repairing in every shape and form. Here is my 10 reasons why you should consider it too:

  1. It is good for you.
  2. It is good for environment.
  3. It helps you develop creativity.
  4. You can gain/practice various skills in the process.
  5. It is good for your wallet.
  6. It can turn ordinary objects into unique ones.
  7. It is a great way to spend time.
  8. Something to share with others.
  9. Makes you feel good.
  10. It is great fun.

My last project: ugly, broken jewellery stand:broken jewellery standAfter a coat of paint and new furry “outfit”:repaired jewellery standAnd with a selection of bracelets that I made:

bracelets on jewellery stand



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Dragonfly soutache necklace

The moment has come.

I have finally finished as yet the biggest of my soutache projects. It took me weeks since it contains over a 1000 of tiny Toho beads but I am happy with the final result. It is definitely a statement necklace.

soutache necklace with a dragonflyWhat inspired me to make it was one of my favorite paintings – Strange Garden by Jozef Mehoffer. I just love the eeriness of that picture and play of the light and shadow. It is in the collection of National Museum of Poland in Warsaw.

Jozef Mehoffer Strange Gaden

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Compulsory rest

I have been unexpectedly forced by an injury to slow down considerably and rest.

It gave me time to work on the elaborate soutache necklace I have in my head for ever. But after a while my fingers felt like pincushions from working with all those tiny beads so I switched to crochet for rest.

I have a soft spot for the flying pig idea.

When I was very little and on holidays in the countryside by accident I saw a pig being killed and butchered.

My pig is pink and graceful and she is just about to take off. Nobody is going to eat her.

crochet flying pigamigurumi flying pig in my handamigurumi flying pig back view

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Halloween spider horror story

I am terrified of spiders. Give me rats, mice, snakes, snails, cockroaches, anything really any day but please spare me the spiders. Being fortunate enough to live in the country where they are shy, retiring creatures without any plan to kill humans off one at a time I still shiver at the mere memory of seeing one.

Recent visitor in our hall convinced me that unfortunately all the scary reports about spiders growing bigger due to global warming are true. IT was simply enormous and my frantic screaming surely must have been heard several streets away. Before you point it out I know screaming doesn’t really help with spider problem but I just can’t stop myself. I simply freeze like a bunny in the headlights and scream for help.

It is rather bothersome and makes me feel silly on occasions but then again I have met people who had fully grown phobias of cats, dogs, butterflies or birds. Surely it must be harder for them since others are far more likely to understand why are you afraid of spiders and come to your rescue than to be sympathetic when their beloved pet sends you into hysterics.

To exorcise my fear just a little and join Halloween celebrations I have made this little guy.

spider halloween decorationHe is almost 20 cm in diameter. Made of faux fur, fabric and wire. Hopefully he scares all the uninvited eight legged visitors.

And what are you afraid of?

Happy Halloween.


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Monochrome soutache bracelet

monochrome soutache braceletWhen I started experimenting with soutache embroidery in jewellery making I got quite a few requests for particular pieces. Since it is rather time consuming technique – imagine all those tiny hand stitches holding it all together – I am still trying to fulfill them. But I have managed to finish this monochrome bracelet and it turned out so nice that I almost regretted having to send it away.  It is done though and hopefully my bracelet will lead a happy life in it’s new home on gorgeous island of Ibiza, Spain.

monochrome soutache bracelet closed

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Making of the Blueberry Fuzzle

The moment I saw this bluish faux fur the name blueberry fuzzle popped into my head and didn’t want to leave until I made one. It was my very first experiment with anything doll like – meaning creature that has some kind of skeleton – rather than just soft body. I have used very soft thin wire for the skeleton to give my fuzzle a lot of mobility. After all he was meant to be living high up in the trees. I have imagined him moving more or less like a squirrel monkey with very agile body.

Then came the hardest part which was making face, hands and feet out of polymer clay. The little toenails were quite challenging.

blueberry fuzzle making in progressOnce I had all those made sewing up the fur pieces and stuffing it with polyester fiber was a piece of cake. It was fun part to give my fuzzle shape and connect all the elements. Finishing touches required cutting little tufts of fur and attaching them to the ears – c’mon, anything cute has to have fluffy ears. I have enjoyed the whole process immensely. It is so much fun to invent a creature and make it from scratch. I am definitely going to make more – after all fuzzle shouldn’t be lonely.

blueberry fuzzle sitting on a hand

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Blueberry Fuzzle or little know creatures of the forest

blueberry fuzzle is a fantastic blue fluffy creatureBlueberry fuzzles are very elusive and hard to spot since they generally avoid humans. They tend to live in dense forests high up the trees and come down only to feed or play. They live mainly on blueberries which they dry and store in the hollows of the trees. Their diet is responsible for the color of their coat in adulthood since they are born snow white and turn blue from blueberry consumption. They communicate in high frequency calls that human ear cannot hear.

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Second life of old t-shirts

For a while I was trying to come up with the idea for reusing a bunch of worn out t-shirts. Since I simply love reading in bed or rather more accurately I love reading everywhere and in bed too I came up with the plan to make hanging cushions for the headboard which would make the bed even more comfy.

Most time consuming was cutting all those neat squares of 10x10cm.

fabric squaresThe actual sewing was a pleasure in comparison.

cushions in progressThe finished cushions make reading in bed even more comfortable. All that was needed was a couple of worn out t-shirts, a bit of ribbon and a sewing machine.

headboard cushions


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Baby owl the second

I had fun making the first crazy eyed owl and wanted to experiment with different yarn type. Baby owl the second is much smaller and softer. I have mixed two colors of yarn for the body and used just the brown for the face. Beak and talons are made of polymer clay and the eyes are ready made safety eyes.

little handmade owl sitting on the top of the yarntwo handmade owlsOnce the owl was ready I took it for a walk in the park which we have both enjoyed very much. Especially supplying casual passersby with something to stare at part. As if there was something weird in posing a stuffed animal on the tree and taking photos ;).

little handmade owl in the park collage

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Baby owl

Woke up the other day with the idea of how to make a baby owl. It might have been the result of an evening well spent on perusal of fabulous and extremely informative Collins Bird Guide. I am really into my birds and that is the best book you can lay your hands on no matter if you know something about them already or if you recognize only 3 ‘species’: small, bigger and very large bird.

The inspiration for my owl comes from baby eagle owls complete with their slightly deranged orange eyes and awkward fluffy cuteness/weirdness. She is 17 cm tall completely handmade out of wool and polymer clay and stuffed with polyester fiber.

handmade fluffy owl


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