Dandelions and lace

I am fascinated by lace and all the lace making techniques and if I had all the time in universe I would love to learn them all. It is fantastic that even though it was virtually impossible for me to find anybody who makes any kind of lace in my area there are some great resources available online.  Using those I have already learned to tat with shuttles and needle. And recently I have started leaning about Irish crochet lace. It produces in my opinion one of the most interesting results of all the lace making techniques and can easily be adapted to very modern and unexpected uses.

My first Irish crochet lace project was a little vase.

crochet dandelions and vaseIt all started with an empty soy sauce bottle that I liked the shape of. I have painted the bottle white and crocheted all the elements which later I have connected on the bottle with the basic crochet background net.

crochet dandelions

Dandelions are also crocheted and pose-able as there are wires inside the stems.

It was a fun project but I realize there is still so much for me to learn about the Irish crochet.


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