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What happens on holidays? – part 2

To understand restorative power of holidays I have decided to analyze my activities undertaken during that period. I was enjoying the peace and quiet: *Notice the retro chair wired to the boat :). Delighting in the nature at it’s most … Continue reading

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Spot of bother

I was in the middle of Skype conversation this afternoon when something crashed against my balcony door.  A lot of commotion followed and I saw a frantic fledgling blackbird attempting to fly through the glass door. The parents were trying … Continue reading

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Making of the Blueberry Fuzzle

The moment I saw this bluish faux fur the name blueberry fuzzle popped into my head and didn’t want to leave until I made one. It was my very first experiment with anything doll like – meaning creature that has … Continue reading

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Instead of usual slow creeping up spring sprang on me this year. One day with absolutely no warning I woke up to the world where every tree in sight was smothered in fragile white blossom. It is unquestionably my favourite … Continue reading

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