About everything!

There is this fantastic scene in Luc Besson’s Le Grand Bleu/The Big Blue from 1988. Enzo an Jacques talk while Enzo plays the piano:

E: What exactly do you want to know?

J: Everything!

E: About what?

J: About everything!

E: Mama mia.

There is this hunger for knowledge in Jacques eyes that cannot be satisfied with easy going truisms. There is a child like quality to him in his search for ultimate knowledge and his belief as to the existence of possible answer and his friends ability to supply it.

I adore this movie. And if I had to choose out of many meaningful exchanges that the characters have – I think this one would be the most important.

We all have been there at different stages of our lives. Discovering the authorities that crumble under pressure. The limits of the knowledge we are meant to have accessed. The loneliness of curiosity.






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