A laptop cover out of old jeans

I simply love classic denim with its multitudes of shades of blue. That’s why when the life of a pair of jeans comes to an end I never throw them away but stash away for later when the inspiration hits me.

laptop cover - back

Denim is a perfect choice of fabric for many things as it is strong, durable and pretty. For the laptop cover I have used several different shades of denim to create interesting patchwork like effect and incorporated back pockets. The cover is lined with quite thick faux fur which serves as protective padding.

laptop cover - frontI have sawn everything by hand because I was so engrossed in what I was watching at the time that I couldn’t be bothered getting the sawing machine out. But I have to admit that I always enjoy sawing by hand more. Just a quirk of mine.

For closing I have used two snap fasteners.

laptop cover


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