What is the connection between the cow and racoon?

Well, to start with they are both rather monochromatic.

Also they are both available in my newly opened Etsy shop.

I am such a newbie to all this that it is both extremely exciting and so totally terrifying that I was kicked out of bed early morning (sixish)  by a  dream of a bulk order I couldn’t possibly fulfill. There I was half asleep in my pajamas and barefoot running downstairs to check that it wasn’t true – uphhh :).

Of course when I am fully awake I realize that nobody bulk orders very cute polymer clay cows:

cute polymer clay cow earrings

or raccoons:

cute racoon earrings

Dreams are there to haunt us…


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About everything!

There is this fantastic scene in Luc Besson’s Le Grand Bleu/The Big Blue from 1988. Enzo an Jacques talk while Enzo plays the piano:

E: What exactly do you want to know?

J: Everything!

E: About what?

J: About everything!

E: Mama mia.

There is this hunger for knowledge in Jacques eyes that cannot be satisfied with easy going truisms. There is a child like quality to him in his search for ultimate knowledge and his belief as to the existence of possible answer and his friends ability to supply it.

I adore this movie. And if I had to choose out of many meaningful exchanges that the characters have – I think this one would be the most important.

We all have been there at different stages of our lives. Discovering the authorities that crumble under pressure. The limits of the knowledge we are meant to have accessed. The loneliness of curiosity.






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What happens on holidays? – part 2

To understand restorative power of holidays I have decided to analyze my activities undertaken during that period.

I was enjoying the peace and quiet:

empty boats at the jetty on the summer morning

*Notice the retro chair wired to the boat :).

view of the jetty and lake through rushes

Delighting in the nature at it’s most kitsch:

pink sunset reflected in the lake

Stalking creatures of the night:

white moth and it's reflection in the glass

And day:

peacock butterfly on a thistle plant

Being stalked by a wagtail:

remanants of the jetty

*Wagtail is sitting on the last post on the left. After certain amount of stalking was observed I have decided to check what was the reason.  From the boat I have discovered the nest in the third post on the left – hollow from the lakeside. I didn’t want to scare parents away so we rowed away quickly and the wagtails continued their stalking.

Talking to snakes:

grass snake coiled around girl's arm

*There was a multitude of grass snakes around and we got to observe them on land and in the water which was fascinating. My awesome sister is a true snake whisperer:).

Being lazy:

hammock by the lake

All and all just perfect.





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What happens on holidays?

Annual holidays left me with some sort of nostalgia which is making me feel incredibly relaxed in a happy/sad sort of way but also forces me to ask why on earth I am not living my everyday life the way I do on holidays. What is wrong with the other 50 weeks in a year and why am I not making the most of them as well?

Is it possibly because I am not surrounded by this every day?

forest on a summer day

And this:

startled wild ducks flying off the jetty

Or this:summer morning path through the forest

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Dandelions and lace

I am fascinated by lace and all the lace making techniques and if I had all the time in universe I would love to learn them all. It is fantastic that even though it was virtually impossible for me to find anybody who makes any kind of lace in my area there are some great resources available online.  Using those I have already learned to tat with shuttles and needle. And recently I have started leaning about Irish crochet lace. It produces in my opinion one of the most interesting results of all the lace making techniques and can easily be adapted to very modern and unexpected uses.

My first Irish crochet lace project was a little vase.

crochet dandelions and vaseIt all started with an empty soy sauce bottle that I liked the shape of. I have painted the bottle white and crocheted all the elements which later I have connected on the bottle with the basic crochet background net.

crochet dandelions

Dandelions are also crocheted and pose-able as there are wires inside the stems.

It was a fun project but I realize there is still so much for me to learn about the Irish crochet.


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Spot of bother

I was in the middle of Skype conversation this afternoon when something crashed against my balcony door.  A lot of commotion followed and I saw a frantic fledgling blackbird attempting to fly through the glass door. The parents were trying to feed it but the little one kept crashing into the door. I was aware that it is easy to cause harm while trying to help and had no idea of what the proper protocol was. When I googled it I got to this amazing website which listed people who volunteered their knowledge and experience to help in situations like this all across the country. I have phoned one of the numbers listed as bird advice and got through to somebody who very calmly instructed me how to help the creature. It was so nice to talk to somebody who knew what they were talking about and was able to advise. I was quite stressed at that stage fearing for the little birds safety as it kept crashing against the door.

Let me tell you one thing, it is not easy to catch the blackbird no matter how young. By the time I got it neatly wrapped up in an old t-shirt we were both exhausted. It was quite exhilarating to hold this tiny wild creature though. I just love blackbirds. There is such an abundance of them where I live and often enough the racket they make is what sends me to sleep and what wakes me up. When you observe them early in the morning and at twilight they seem to be holding conversations or possibly singing contests but it is clear they are communicating. My little blackbird must have been terrified as it froze while I was handling it. When I let it loose in a green area nearby it acted as if it woke up, stretched briefly and run off. Couple of minutes later I heard it crying and an adult blackbird responding. Hopefully that means its parents are going to keep it fed until it is able to fly. It is so great that there are people out there who volunteer their time to help in situations like this, they deserve a round of applause Clap .

blackbird fledgling

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Easter eggs and flowers

Spring is keeping us waiting this year and I simply can’t wait any longer for everything to grow and bloom. Which rather shows in the crochet Easter decorations I have made.eggsThere is hope though that we will not be left waiting for long as the newest addition to our mini garden just covered in blossom. Meet scilla peruviana. Isn’t it just lovely?

scilla peruviana plant in bloom

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A laptop cover out of old jeans

I simply love classic denim with its multitudes of shades of blue. That’s why when the life of a pair of jeans comes to an end I never throw them away but stash away for later when the inspiration hits me.

laptop cover - back

Denim is a perfect choice of fabric for many things as it is strong, durable and pretty. For the laptop cover I have used several different shades of denim to create interesting patchwork like effect and incorporated back pockets. The cover is lined with quite thick faux fur which serves as protective padding.

laptop cover - frontI have sawn everything by hand because I was so engrossed in what I was watching at the time that I couldn’t be bothered getting the sawing machine out. But I have to admit that I always enjoy sawing by hand more. Just a quirk of mine.

For closing I have used two snap fasteners.

laptop cover


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Thank you Umberto Eco

The story goes that I have started reading at the age of 4 and never stopped since. It was like visiting this amazing forest of literature with fascination and absolutely no background knowledge. School curriculum never really extended to the regions I was frequenting.  I was enjoying myself reading but at the same time experiencing frustration caused by the lack of tools to interpret what I was reading and set it in the context. When I have encountered Umberto Eco he took me to the fictional woods and shown me the difference between interpreting and over-interpreting. He taught me to think, to analyze, to approach the text in a manner that permits understanding as well as enjoyment.
I have just found out that he passed away yesterday. Through his books he was an enormous influence on my growing up and understanding language and communication. He taught me to read on a completely different level. I was a young teen starved of knowledge exceeding school curriculum and he supplied me with a key to the world that has never ceased to amaze me since. His ability to express complex ideas in a manner accessible to a casual reader was completely unique. Some of the sentences he wrote are so embedded in my brain that I could just stand up and quote even though I have last read them years ago. What fascinated me the most about all his writing was the fact that he was never telling the reader what to think, he was merely encouraging them to think.

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Merry Xmas

tatted snowflake

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